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2021 Mid-Year Review

In the first half of 2021, SSG was pleased to assist middle market clients navigating through complex special situations in a challenging environment. We worked with companies across a variety of industries – from retail and restaurant chains to healthcare, food services and manufacturing companies. To each transaction, our team brought the creative solutions and tenacity borne of experience that enabled us to execute quickly, maximize value for all stakeholders, and deliver results.

Thank you to the firms and professionals we partnered with to chart the route forward for companies at a crossroads. We look forward to continued collaborative efforts, such as the transactions highlighted below.



2021 Transactions






J. Scott Victor
Managing Director
(610) 940-5802

Mark E. Chesen
Managing Director
(610) 940-5801

Matthew P. Karlson
Managing Director
(610) 940-5804

Michael S. Goodman
Managing Director
(610) 940-5806

Teresa C. Kohl
Managing Director
(610) 940-9521

Neil Gupta
Managing Director
(610) 940-2663

Robert C. Smith
Managing Director
(610) 937-2359

Matthew J. Arden
Vice President

Craig D. Warznak
Vice President
(610) 940-3615

Alexander D. Lamm
(610) 940-3882

Gregory M. O’Sullivan
(610) 940-6067

Matthew R. DiTosto
(610) 940-1072

Nicholas A. Vernacchio
(610) 940-1072

Global Special Situations is an international alliance of investment banking firms with a unique focus on special situations advisory services; including mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance, capital raising, valuation, financial restructuring and bankruptcy/insolvency advisory.


SSG Capital Advisors is an independent boutique investment bank that assists middle market companies and their stakeholders in completing special situation transactions. We provide our clients with comprehensive investment banking services in the areas of mergers and acquisitions, private placements, financial restructurings, valuations, litigation and strategic advisory. SSG has a proven track record of closing over 350 transactions in North America and Europe and is a leader in the industry.


Securities are offered through SSG Capital Advisors, LLC (Member SIPC, Member FINRA). All other transactions are effectuated through SSG Advisors, LLC, both of which are wholly owned by SSG Holdings, LLC. SSG is a registered trademark for SSG Capital Advisors, LLC and SSG Advisors, LLC.

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