Great Lakes MDF

Client Profile
Great Lakes MDF (“Great Lakes” or the “Company”)is a leading manufacturer of medium-density fiberboard, a wood-based product that is used for a wide array of residential and commercial construction applications. The Company sells a diverse line of medium-density fiberboard, including color, fire-resistant, moisture-resistant and environmentally-friendly. Great Lakes MDF is based in Lackawanna, New York, approximately 5 miles from Buffalo.
Significant investments were made to build the Great Lakes MDF plant and grow the business from FY2000 to FY2007. As a result of the leverage required to achieve these goals, coupled with operational challenges, Great Lakes MDF experienced liquidity constraints. The sale of Great Lakes MDF was required to provide needed liquidity to the Company and ensure working capital requirements were met.
In August 2007, SSG was retained to conduct a sale, or restructuring process, on a targeted basis. SSG assisted the Company in negotiating and consummating a sale of its outstanding bonds and senior secured debt to Republic Financial Corporation. The transaction closed in January 2008.

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