Invata LLC

Client Profile

Invata is an industry-leading logistics automation company that provides full-service warehouse and fulfillment solutions to best-chip companies in a variety of industries. Invata offers customized goods-to-person systems, order picking and fulfillment systems, auxiliary fulfillment technologies, and a proprietary AI-powered software suite to automate operational decisions. The Company is one of the few logistics firms that offers a holistic solution that begins with an in-depth operational analysis and ends with a purpose-built, turnkey system that optimizes processes and resource utilization while maximizing operational efficiency.


Since its founding in 2010, Invata experienced years of strong financial performance and reputational success as the Company benefited from the increasing need for fulfillment-related technologies. However, the Company recently faced litigation with a large customer that caused liquidity issues and decelerated the sales pipeline. As a result, management determined that Invata would need a strategic or financial partner to support ongoing operations and allow the Company to achieve its long-term goals.


SSG was retained in June 2023 to solicit offers for the business. Leveraging its significant experience in the technology sector, SSG canvassed a wide range of investors, attracting significant interest from strategic and financial acquirers. The sale to McMurray Stern proved to be the best solution due to the strong operational synergies, enabling the two companies to integrate seamlessly. SSG’s experience working with companies in technology and software development, ability to navigate complex legal issues, and expertise running competitive sale processes enabled the Company to maximize value, preserve jobs, and maintain the loyalty of vendors and customers.