Management Cleaning Controls, LLC

Client Profile
Management Cleaning Controls, LLC, (“MCC” or the “Company”) located in Louisville, KY, is a leading provider of janitorial cleaning services, principally to large retailers, such as department stores and supermarkets across the United States. MCC currently maintains over 40 million square feet of retail space. Additionally, the Company supplements its retail business with commercial buildings and schools, and supplies cleaning and maintenance solutions to 640 locations within 23 states.
The Bankruptcy filing of a major customer, increased operating costs, such as starting pay rates for the Company’s crew members and premiums for medical benefits, workers’ compensation, and general liability coverage, as well as price pressure through the utilization of electronic bidding systems from many clients caused operational and liquidity concerns for MCC.
SSG was retained to explore strategic alternatives for MCC including a restructuring or sale transaction. SSG assisted MCC in completing a going concern sale transaction which closed in June 2005.

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