Penthouse Global Media Inc.

Client Profile
Penthouse (the “Company”) is an iconic name in adult entertainment. With worldwide recognition and a long history, the Company successfully leveraged the brand from its roots as a published magazine into a diversified media business, including popular online sites; broadcast content available throughout North America, Europe, Latin America, Africa, and the Caribbean; and licensing arrangements covering a broad array of products and services.
FriendFinder Networks, Inc., which owned Penthouse, sought to sell certain ancillary service lines in order to de-lever the business. The Company endured erratic operating performance due to the changing dynamics of the adult entertainment industry, specifically the proliferation of free content and the decline in popularity of traditional print publications.
SSG was retained by the Company to run a sale process. In light of the international scope of the adult entertainment industry and the Company’s worldwide operations, SSG’s marketing process included potential buyers from around the globe. The Company was ultimately acquired by Penthouse Global Media, Inc., an entity created by Kelly Holland, the current Managing Director of Penthouse. The transaction closed in February 2016.

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