Riverside Millwork Company, Inc.

Client Profile
Riverside Millwork Company, Inc. (‘RIVCO’ or the ‘Company’) is the largest volume assembler and specialty distributor of millwork products in New England. The Company assembles and distributes hundreds of different products including, but not limited to windows, doors, kitchens, moldings, pine boards, stair components and exterior decking and railing systems.
RIVCO was a non-debtor subsidiary of Summit Metals, Inc. in the District of Delaware. As a result of an IRS tax lien, the Company was operating under a forbearance agreement with its senior lender.
SSG’s professionals were engaged to sell RIVCO, in order to provide liquidity to the estate of Summit Metals. SSG’s professionals assisted the Chapter 11 Trustee in the sale of the Company’s assets to RHC Acquisition, Inc. The transaction closed in November, 2005.

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