Weaber, Inc.

Client Profile
Weaber, Inc. (“Weaber” or the “Company”) is a leading hardwood saw mill and hardwood products manufacturer headquartered in Lebanon, Pennsylvania. Weaber manufactures a wide range of lumber products, including surfaced four sides (“S4S”) boards, flooring, kiln-dried random width lumber, mouldings, stair parts, finger jointed products, and edge-glued products. Weaber’s capital investments, innovative and proprietary software tools, and process improvements established the Company as one of the most modern hardwood lumber mills in the country, with exceptional quality control standards and flexible manufacturing.
Weaber invested heavily in its facilities throughout the early 2000s, creating one of the largest and most modern hardwood manufacturing facilities in the continental United States. The Company funded this expansion with a combination of debt and family capital, and the ensuing downturn in the housing market caused the Company’s revenue and profitability to decline substantially. Weather issues in the second half of 2011 further exacerbated liquidity, as the Company’s suppliers were unable to provide adequate material, causing revenue to decline further.
SSG was engaged to market Weaber to a broad spectrum of industry and financial parties to find a strategic partner with a significant capital base to grow the business and ensure long-term viability. SSG’s ability to quickly get out to market while positioning the Company by highlighting its industry-leading status provided Weaber and its lenders good market feedback to properly assess alternatives. Ultimately, Weaber was sold to Resilience Capital Partners, helping to expand Taylor Lumber, Resilience’s existing investment in the lumber and hardwood industry.

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