Whitlock Packing Corporation

Client Profile
Whitlock Packaging Corporation (“Whitlock” or the “Company”), headquartered in Tulsa, OK, is the nation’s largest contract manufacturer of non-carbonated beverages. Whitlock’s manufacturing facilities are strategically located in New Jersey, Oklahoma, and Florida, providing the Company with a diverse geographic footprint and access to some of the largest customer markets in the U.S. Along with its strategic footprint and fully integrated range of services, the Company’s high volume and low cost production capabilities mandate its status as a national leader in contract manufacturing.
Although Whitlock has a history of strong revenue growth and consistent margins, one-time events in 2011 had a significant impact on the Company’s financial performance. As a result of the Company’s underperformance in 2011, Whitlock breached several financial covenants under its existing debt facilities.
SSG Capital Advisors was retained to help the Company manage its existing lender relationship and seek new capital. Leveraging its extensive relationships, SSG contacted a broad range of lenders and investors with an interest in the contract manufacturing space. After receiving multiple creative financing proposals, the Company and SSG were able to successfully renegotiate and restructure the senior secured credit facility with the existing lender group. As a result of SSG’s efforts, the Company is well positioned to meet near term challenges, to facilitate long-term growth and enhance shareholder value. Throughout the first half of 2012, Whitlock’s financial performance improved significantly and the Company is on track to perform well above forecast for FY 2012.

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