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J. Scott Victor Featured in 2015 Bankruptcy & Restructuring Handbook

J. Scott Victor features in 2015 Bankruptcy & Restructuring Handbook

LONDON, 10 November 2015: Financier Worldwide is pleased to announce that J. Scott Victor of SSG Capital has been recognised as a leading expert in its 2015 Bankruptcy & Restructuring.

Scott was showcased as a recommended professional in the US. Financier Worldwide’s Handbook contains detailed profiles of leading experts in the field of corporate bankruptcy and restructuring from around the world. Comprising lawyers, accountants and consultants, this group of experts is capable of guiding companies through their darkest hours, or, in the event that those companies cannot be salvaged, of finding creative ways to maximise value for key stakeholders.

According to the Handbook, “A direct result of the global economic crisis has been that many organisations have found themselves requiring undergoing operational or financial restructuring – a challenging scenario involving a wide ambit of complex processes. Although the extent of companies embroiled in bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings across the globe has certainly fallen since the devastating 2007/2008 financial crisis and its aftermath, figures recently released for 2014/2015 still characterise the numbers as significant. Whatever the reasons may be for a company’s woes, any entity that finds itself in the midst of such circumstances is subjected to an unforgiving world full of distress, expense, blame, negotiation, compromise and much introspection, not to mention multiple legal systems and conflicting industry practices.”

More information about the Handbook is available from Financier Worldwide’s website: